The official seal of the Village of Whitesboro in upstate New York has been causing some uproar. Many saw the seal as racially insensitive; some saw it as a harmless wrestling match between a settler and a Native American, and others just saw it as a hilariously dated design.


This never-ending match has recently gained tons of media attention, so the village decided to finally ‘tap out’ and join forces with the Oneida Indian Nation to create the ultimate tag team.

Even though this seal has taken on some serious beat downs, ThoughtMatter decided to tackle on designing the village’s new seal.

The Canal


Based on historical images and paintings, this design reflects the history of Whitesboro, and its canals that were used to carry people and materials.


Town Hall


Using Oneida’s love for trees, and Whitesboro’s town hall, this design incorporates two symbols working in
tandem to create one simple message.

The Spearhead


This design incorporates a Native American spearhead between two mountains, and the negative space surrounding the mountains form a ‘w’ for Whitesboro, showcasing the partnership between settlers and natives.


Sky & Water


Inspired by the town’s name, Whitesboro, this design takes away the elements of race, and replaces it with a ‘w’ that evenly showcases a common ground between sky and water.

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