A few weeks ago we received an urgent RFP for a very important public health program: Trumpcare. Terms of our non-disclosure prohibit us from naming the totally fantastic client, but we are proud to share the wonderful results of our strategic and creative process.

Our brief: We needed to create a beautiful identity that communicated the immense stature and tremendous scale of America’s new healthcare program. There were key aspects of the reform that the branding needed to communicate: huge benefits, terrific new co-pay-free services such as spray tans and female weight loss programs, and special funding for spectacularly under-researched conditions such as Brachydactyly.

The historic new branding for Trumpcare leverages universal visual cues for greatness and grandeur such as metallic gold finishes, formal layouts, bold gold typography, gold plaques and rich embellishments. It’s going to do a tremendous job for America.


The amazing end result is the most tremendous brand identity in the world, anywhere; however, many great ideas were explored to get to this great solution.

Penetrating Care


This strong, fantastic direction underscores the deep, driving robustness of Trumpcare. A simple T/C monogram embellished with diamonds speaks to the unparalleled, tremendous greatness of this program. Very classy.


Don’t Gamble with Health


We explored visualizing the amazing similarities of gambling and healthcare in the United States. This logo references long-standing, trusted institutions such as casinos to bring a fun and lively look to the brand. The inner cities are really sad, we think this will make a tremendous difference. Obamacare did not make a difference (failure!).

Anti-Establishment Care


This direction is a manifestation in defiant contrast to the pathetic, FAKE healthcare that is Obamacare, a complete disaster. This bold concept represents the best, the best healthcare, the best country, the best people, great people.



We have the best people, the best design (very classy) in the world, anywhere.

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