Snow Globes



I grew up in a very creative and crafty household. As a side business, my mom maintained a booth at Coomers Craft Mall. It was the ‘90s in suburban Dallas, and craft malls were a thing…Frank Bielec, anyone? Needless to say, she was always the “craft mom” for activity days at school.


My dad has always had enough instruments in our converted dining room to support a small philharmonic and continued to volunteer with my high school marching band even after I quit during Sophomore year.


So when the new iteration of Fridays Are For Doing Things at ThoughtMatter was announced, I knew I had it in the bag. The brief was to present an activity to the studio to create something with their hands. I immediately thought of a DIY Summer Snow Globe project I saw on my Instagram feed last summer from Gray Malin.


In addition to palm trees and flamingos, we used desert ocean creatures, cactuses and a few gemstones for good measure. The next time you’re sitting at home on a Friday night thinking, “it would be so fun to make a snow globe right now! Too bad it’s summer…” Check yourself and recognize that snow globes are for summer, too!

This summer at ThoughtMatter, we’re ending every week with a “Maker Studio Friday” activity. During each session, a different studio member leads us through a hands-on activity that results in each of us having made something with our hands and minds. The activities help us keep our minds open, and pushes us to create better and more innovative work for our clients.

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