ThoughtMatter attended the 10th annual PSFK conference, here in New York City last week. It featured multiple entrepreneurs, artists, trendspotters, technologists, designers and media personalities. The one-day-event was a live interpretation of the PSFK website. PSFK is considered the new age of consulting, started as a passion project of founder, Piers Fawkes. PSFK identifies today’s surfacing trends, which shape tomorrow’s creative businesses.

PSFK Conference 2016

The day moved fast! Each speaker received 10 minutes to talk, and even though it may have felt like a small amount of time, it wasn’t. The speakers were passionate, motivated and moving. After listening to more than 25 experts over a 9-hour period, we were mentally and emotionally blown away. Whether we thought the ideas had legs, such as Amanda Parke’s, and Blade Kotelly’s,; or we thought the idea was a more far out venture, such as Matt Hackett’s, and Matthias Hollwich’s,, all of the presenters were equally impressive by their determination and inventiveness to bring their idea to market.


“When we let our minds wander, when our body is doing nothing, our brain goes to this amazing place where you do your most original thinking.” -Manoush Zomorodi

We watched as someone tried to save the world, save us from the worst of the Internet, save us from wasting time by creating time. A gamer trying to get everyone excited about the Nascar of drones while a professed aging guru asked us to imagine living our final days in utopia instead of a nursing home. It was everything in between and outside the lines. Everyone was smart, some even brilliant, each approaching a global issue in an entirely new construct. One of our personal favorites from the morning was from Author, Douglas Rushkoff. He closed the morning session as a new age caffeinated evangelist warning the audience of tech’s failure to make our lives better.

When asked which speakers we would take on a deserted island, we choose Katie Manderfield, Content Strategist and Denise Burrell-Stinson, Culture Editor from T Brand Studio for their ability to restore the NY Times digital advertising revenue. Another was Justin Gignac, Co-Founder of, for connecting companies with the universe’s most creative creatives. And last, but not least, Noah Brier, Co-Founder & CEO of Percolate, (we figured he’d be smart enough to get us off the island).

To end the day, Fawkes challenged us all to “be inspired enough to be on stage next year.” Everyone at ThoughtMatter decided we really should accept that challenge.


Thanks to everyone at PSFK for a great day. We look forward to working hard enough and smart enough to some day making it on the big stage!

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