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Whether you Instagrammed it, wore it, selfie-ed it or stuck it, nearly every voter this past November demonstrated their right, and their political savvy, by flaunting an “I Voted” sticker after hitting the polls. While the recent political season saw very polarizing viewpoints, the movement to get out and vote was directed at every eligible American, regardless of their party or beliefs.

Perhaps it was this popularity of voter pride that led the New York City Campaign Finance Board to host a contest to design the next “I Voted” sticker, which will be given out at polling stations all across the city during the Nov. 7 city election. The sticker was last designed in 2013 by two New Yorkers who aren’t even old enough to vote: then 10 year-old Zoe Markman and her then 12 year-old brother Stanley Markman. Featured in the New York Times on March 19, Zoe gives contest entrants this year some good advice: “Just design the sticker that you’d want to wear yourself”.

In a design studio, that’s hard advice to follow if you’re also attempting to design a sticker that will appeal to New Yorkers in all five boroughs, of nearly all ages and backgrounds, and of all political beliefs. But being a studio that thinks and designs with purpose, we know the purpose of the sticker is to get New Yorkers excited about voting regardless of the election, because every vote you cast is important.

Here’s what our designers had to say about their submissions:


“I wanted to use a simplified but still iconic version of Lady Liberty and have the torch be integrated with the type treatment to create a cohesive layout.”

i voted

“I thought it would be fun to pay homage to NYC’s most visible residents.”

i voted

“My sticker is a reappropriation of Milton Glaser’s iconic ‘I heart NY’ logo he did for the New York Sate Department of Economic Development. It’s recognizable, accessible and straight-forward.”

i voted

Whether or not we win the popular vote of the New York City Campaign Finance Board to become finalists in the contest, we hope you’ll take part in voting for your favorite design from April 20th through May 3rd by visiting their website.

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