New York City,
My City



The first time I visited New York was more than 40 years ago. My father and many of his friends had fled from Estonia to Sweden during World War Two, and while he stayed in Sweden when it was over many of the others continued on to the USA. In the summer of ’74, when I was 19, my father thought it was time for me to visit the big country in the West. He made arrangements for me to stay with some of his old friends on the East Coast. For the last two weeks of my two- month-long trip I stayed with one of them who’d settled in New Jersey. Being so close to New York City, I made many day trips to the city, saw David Bowie on his Diamond Dogs tour in Madison Square Garden, walked all over and knew, “This is my city.” My next visit to NYC was for the whole summer of ’79. I really got know the place, especially its night life, and must have spent almost every night out at clubs like The Mudd Club, Club 57, Studio 54, and countless others. Throughout the 80s I made many more trips to my future home before moving here for good on New Year’s Eve, 1989. These photos are just a small number of the shots I took during my many trips here throughout the 80s. A lot has changed but I still love New York.

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