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“Luxury products must contain a dream.”

-Brunello Cucinelli


Trend 01 | The Digital Divide

Luxury brands recently experienced a change in perception and expectation, and 2016 is destined to be another transformational year. Consumer tastes and behaviors are constantly changing, and if luxury brands want to continue retaining and attracting new audiences they must adapt with culture and evolve in unique ways that move people emotionally.

Here at ThoughtMatter we have been tracking five emerging trends in Luxury products. These emerging trends showcase how brands cannot stand still and must leap forward. The future is now.

As technology continues to invent new platforms, consumers only get more digitally savvy and expectations for brand adaptation will continue to rise. The fear of losing exclusivity has been at odds with the open source accessibility of new platforms. This has caused a digital divide among luxury brands and consumers. However, 2016 is the year this digital divide disappears, but it’s up to luxury brands to leverage emerging technologies in a meaningful way.

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Geek to Chic

Wearable technology is fashionable, and it’s here to stay.

The Best Smart Jewelry 
“Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with hidden tech talents”

Tory Burch for Fitbit

Apple Watch 
18-karat solid gold cases in yellow or rose.

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag 
“Seamlessly fusing luxury and technology, our Black Ricky Bag With Light features an illuminated interior—courtesy of four discreet LED lights that activate when the bag is opened—as well as an integrated USB port to charge your mobile phone while you’re on the go.”

Virtual Experiences Are Memorable

Immersive technology blurs the line with physical and virtual shopping.

Michael Kors launches WeChat platform in China
“Dior Eyes”
The world¹s first combination of VR imagery technologies and sound recording in 360°.

Hexoskin Smart
World’s Leading Smart Shirt

L-Commerce is the New E-Commerce

Selling Online has become a key growth opportunity for luxury brands.

Michael Kors, Burberry & Hermes: Best in class

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