As a studio, we’re always searching for opportunities to apply our creativity and skills to projects that reflect our core values and passions.

We stay informed about what’s going on in our community, our country and the world at large, and absolutely love the chance to do purpose-driven work that fits with our culture and beliefs.

So when Account Manager Katie Williams heard about the New York City Campaign Finance Board’s open contest to design the city’s next “I Voted” sticker, we got to work right away.

The contest, which was decided through an online vote, gave us a chance to flex our creative and artistic muscles in a fun yet purposeful way. The “I Voted” stickers that people proudly wear to show they’ve participated in one of an American citizen’s most important rights reflects the spirit of democracy so important to our country. It was also the type of project that helps us determine new, effective ways to work collaboratively toward a common goal


In our research phase, we went wide, checking out past “I Voted” sticker designs from New York City and other cities and municipalities. We also audited NYC iconography to fuel inspiration for the next step: a BrainRain™, where we kicked around ideas, generating several concepts and approaches for our designers to explore.

We developed eight different concepts, and after discussion and an internal vote, we honed in on three designs that we perfected and submitted to the city.

I Voted

When we found out one of ours had been selected as one of 10 finalists out of more than 700 entries, we set out to connect with people to promote the contest. Plus, we hoped it would help us win the popular vote, and at the same time promote the general importance of showing up on polling days to get a sticker – whether the final design was ours or not.

We made buttons out of our sticker design, with postcards that explained the contest and directed people to the website where they could place their vote.

Then we hit the streets with them, campaigning for our design to win. We supplemented these efforts with a social promotion campaign.

While we didn’t win the contest we still made something we’re proud of that supports an initiative we value: increasing voter turnout throughout the five boroughs.

And that’s what purpose-driven passion projects are all about.

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