This month, friend of the studio Josh Reames came by for a visit to share some of his recent work and to talk about process and inspiration. Dallas-born and Brooklyn-based, Josh works mostly in acrylic, but has been incorporating sculpture into his shows more recently.


Josh Reames

  Wet & Wild @ Brand New Gallery, Milan, 2016

His use of sculpture has helped create a more immersive experience in his shows and contributed to an effort to play with the conventional white box of a gallery.


Josh Reames

  Texting While Driving @ Bill Brady Gallery, Miami, 2017


Josh Reames
Texting While Driving @ Bill Brady Gallery, Miami, 2017

Common themes in Josh’s paintings are escapism, a wide variety of mark making and references to the visual language of technology and the internet. He typically doesn’t plan paintings with sketches and works relatively quickly, often working on more than one painting at a time.

For me, when I view his work, the result is a bearing of the process that allows a glimpse into the artist’s mind. Each piece can almost be read like a book–either from front to back or back to front–following the layers of imagery to create a narrative that unfolds itself with spontaneity and changes with each viewing. Plus they just look cool.


Josh Reames
 “Breakdown”, 84 x72”, acryclic on canvas, 2016  |  “Drinking in the shower”, 84 x72”, acrylic on canvas, 2016  |  “Bottom Feeder”, 60 x50”,  acrylic on canvas, 2016.

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