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Whenever anyone mentions high-quality design, I think Italy: a country that always has, and always will, have a big impact on architecture, fashion and all trends. If you’ve ever been, you know that the laid-back culture, old-school charm and endless character are nothing less than awe-inspiring. When I made my way back to Italy this past summer I was reminded of just how rich it is with inspiration.

Wandering the streets of Italy, anyone with an eye for design cannot help but feel happy. There’s something special about a place so rich with history that just gets you. In college I was lucky enough to study abroad and lived in Florence for about 6 months. I remember roaming the streets wide-eyed, not knowing a word of Italian, and stumbling unknowingly across amazing architecture and artwork on a daily basis. From that point on, Italian design has been a great source of inspiration and influence in my career.


On this trip, I was most inspired by the iconic Italian typography, floor patterns, and signage throughout Venice and towns along Lake Como’s shore. Here are a few of my favorites:



It was easy to quickly get carried away taking photos of every single sign I saw.


After returning from my trip and compiling all of my photos, I thought this could make for a great book. Unfortunately an influential designer with over 30 years in the game beat me to it. 
Louise Fili and I share the same passion for all things Italian and her recent book “Grafica Della Strada: The Signs of Italy” is a further exploration of Italy’s iconic sign aesthetic.

She does a great job showing the wide range of Italy’s typographic treatments. From luxury hotels to a run-down tabacchi, a well-designed type style can transform any space and brand into something unique and special.


I love traveling anywhere in Italy; you will always find something fascinating whether in a small village or large city. Great design seems to follow you wherever you go…

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