Road Trip



I love everything about traveling — planning, experiencing culture, and of course, forcing people to look at my pictures when I get home.

Iceland has been on my list for ages. It took me over three years to finally book it. I’ve traveled solo to other countries before, but planning this trip was daunting. I knew I definitely wanted to explore beyond Reykjavik (and not by tour bus). That meant renting a car, getting gravel AND sand AND ash insurance, using actual GPS coordinates, AND worrying I’d somehow end up on a mountainous F road getting to my remote farmhouse. It turns out I had nothing to fear!

Reykjavik is as fabulous as you’ve probably already heard. On my first day, I went on a food tour and got to see the city all while tasting local treats; including lobster soup, local cheeses and rye ice cream. A trip to Iceland would not be complete without trying one of their hot dogs (something I’ve happily avoided for decades back home). Believe the hype, they are delicious! The restaurant and bar scene is vibrant, and the town is filled with venues and local bands. Below are some shots of the stunning music hall, Harpa, and a few murals from 2015’s Iceland Airwaves Wall Poetry Project, views from Hallgrímskirkja, Þingvellir, Geysir, and the incredible waterfall, Gulfoss.

At the start of my Ring Road trip, there were many times I wished I could safely pull over to take shots of the changing landscapes. I saw waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, black sand, and various terrains. I learned when signs pointed out picnic tables ahead it meant a photo op. Below are shots I snapped of Kerið Crater Lake, Selfoss, Skógafoss, and the scenery around Vík.

The highlight of my trip was the five-hour hike on Falljökull glacier. We were outfitted with crampons, ice axes, and helmets and given a quick lesson before starting our trek. My pictures don’t do the spectacular landscape justice, but suffice to say it was like hiking through the pages of a National Geographic photo spread.


I highly recommend checking out Iceland. I will absolutely return to explore the western and northern side of the country. The difficulty will be deciding which season to visit as they each bring their own list of activities.

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