Last week, I shared some insight, and funky, delicious cheese with everyone here on how to break free from writer’s block. For anyone familiar with writing, writer’s block can be awfully frustrating and debilitating. Much like a subway delay, it comes during the most unexpected times. Creative people do a lot of trial and error and rarely know where they are going until they get there. So for many, this maze of thinking can become hard to translate and can lead to roadblocks.

cheesy games
cheesy games

After writing for so many years, I’ve learned how cheesy games help me cut through the strongest of creative blocks. Yep, a quick dose of Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Heads Up, Trivia Crack, Dubsmash, MSQRD, and dare I say it Kim Kardashian: Hollywood can get me through any block.

Cheesy games
cheesy games
cheesy games

Clearly, I’m not a scientist, but the facts are real. These time-killing, mindless exercises help stimulate thinking and creativity. Sure, they won’t cure writers block, but they can help. Creative people must be creative on their own terms. There is no rulebook. So if you see me playing a flashy fun game on my computer screen, please know it’s not purely for entertainment purposes. Microsoft Word is also in the background just waiting to be freed from its block.


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