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East of the Wallace Line
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Successful museums are continually looking for new ways to engage visitors, and Yale University Art Gallery is no different. The objects in East of the Wallace Line, a special exhibit of Indo-Pacific tribal art, were benefitted by additional context beyond the beauty and craft of the item itself.

Chart your own course

Viewers often read descriptions before they really look at the artwork. Our challenge was to create an experience where the interaction with art would be the focus, while also maintaining the integrity of the learning process.

The iPad app was designed to give users the chance to chart their own course in the Indonesian archipelago and, for the more inquisitive, the opportunity to dig deeper.

Enhancing the experience

By using a map, the user could journey throughout the area, opening stories from one location to the next, looking at art and learning along the way. In addition, the app contained archival photographs and video, trivia, photos of the objects in the exhibition and a gallery of related objects in the museum’s collection.

This iPad app is currently available for free at the App Store

Original photography of works featured in the exhibition.

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