Brand Guideline & Collateral

As a celebrated footwear brand, Converse has a rich product and design heritage. What it didn’t have, however, was a brand guide that brought together the Converse story with practical usage guidance for teams everywhere. Across the globe and across channels, the Converse brand needed unity.

Guide & inspire

Beginning by simplifying the converse logo for flexibility, we developed the first-ever Converse global style guide, including licensing, logo and messaging guidance.

Since a brand is only as successful as the people carrying its name forward, we knew we had to create something that would inspire and excite those at Converse to create work that's true to the brand.

Living the brand

Converse is the brand of thinkers, creators, inventors, disrupters, and revolutionaries. To tell this story, we designed a card deck of images and words, each being core to the feelings the brand aims to evoke in its consumer: happiness, confidence and individuality. As the guideline was rolled out, these cards helped the brand challenge the norm, break the mold and change conventional thinking.

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