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Don’t have health insurance lined up for 2018 or you need to purchase your own? In that case, you have until December 15th to enroll at That same date applies for either renewing your existing plan or choosing a new one.

If you weren’t aware of this, it’s because the government hasn’t exactly been putting the word out. This year, the Trump administration has slashed the advertising budget for the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) by 90 percent compared to previous years. Moreover, the window for enrollment has been slashed in half.

That’s where Coverage Coalition, an initiative started by ad agency Barton F. Graf, comes in. Coverage Coalition called on creative industries to come together and make up the advertising deficit – to really get the word out and ensure that as many people as possible know how to get insured and how long they have to do so.

At ThoughtMatter, we believe everyone deserves access to affordable health care. So when we heard about Coverage Coalition and its mission, we decided to get involved with a social campaign that highlights the importance of insurance when it comes to emergency, preventive and routine medical care.

The campaign centers around the idea that while many people might not necessarily need to use their health insurance in a given year, when deciding whether to enroll in insurance and which plan to choose, they should ask themselves, “What if I do?” The plain fact is, you can never guarantee what’s going to happen, or not, to you physically in a year. And if something does occur when you’re uninsured, it can bankrupt you.

By encouraging catastrophic and slightly alarmist thinking (balanced out with some humorous storytelling), we hoped our posts would generate a sense of urgency about health care, sending the uninsured who saw them straight to or another resource offering insurance plans.

We used a diverse array of emojis because they are recognizable and essentially a universal language. We also used fictional text message conversations to tell the stories of people who had found themselves in situations that illustrated the importance of having health insurance. The posts showed that sometimes being able to visit a doctor or hospital is not only necessary, but can even be life-saving.


Caring About Health Care
Caring About Health Care
Caring About Health Care
Caring About Health Care
Caring About Health Care
Caring About Health Care

Sure, sometimes an ailment or medical injury doesn’t require professional medical help. But other times, it does. You might get lucky and not need insurance this year, but what if you something happens and you do?

One more thing: Even if you think you don’t need it, you should know that if you don’t get insurance you can expect to be fined. For 2018, the penalty is $695 for each adult and $347.50 for each child without insurance. The amount is capped at $2,085 per family, or 2.5 percent of your family income, whichever is higher.

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