General Howe



Last Friday we welcomed the street artist General Howe to speak about creativity, what it means to be a working artist today and the process of making art. The talk began with popped bottles of champagne & little Debbie treats, among other odd snacks. As we indulged in the high & low brow of culinary delights, General Howe began his talk titled “Junk Yards and Ivory Towers”.

General Howe took us through his journey of creativity, art making and subversion. He took us through his learnings from 16 years of selfishly making art. A huge influence on all of his work came from the philosopher John Dewey, who wrote art as experience. The key takeaway was the importance of using personal context as influence for meaningful work.

General Howe dove into his work, which explores the impact of war in the United States in the beginnings of the 21st century. His notable street art project, The Battle of Brooklyn, has been published in the Huffington Post and New York Street Art. A quote from the Huffington post article is a great glimpse into the way his mind works: Huffington Post Article


“I make war in Brooklyn. Did you know the Revolutionary War was fought in Brooklyn? Did you know we’re at war in Afghanistan and Iraq? It’s easy to forget we’re battling in foreign lands against invisible adversaries. I bet you know more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is why I make war in Brooklyn.”

A common theme of all the work that was shared was about the viewers experience after seeing the work. What was clear is General Howe makes work to challenge perception and truly get people to reflect on their own experience.


The General showed us work & gallery shows that have had national recognition as well as the work no one knows about, but himself. He underscored the importance of having a space to get messy, fail and be yourself as well as the significance of understanding the impact art has on the world.


May we all have one foot in the Ivory Tower and one foot in the Junkyard.

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