It’s always been a mystery to me why sometimes I become obsessed with an idea that enters and sticks in my mind without notice, and then follows me like a shadow and confronts me even if I begin to doubt it.

My Maker Friday inspiration began at a flea market in Lambertville, N.J. My curiosity was piqued when I came across a huge pile of vintage photographs from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. All the traditional albums were somewhat dismembered, a chaos of faces and families scattered in thousands of pieces. I spontaneously began to select a few images and I quickly got caught up in the spiral of curiosity with an empathic feeling for these unknown people without names, anonymous creatures who had been loved and were immortalized one day in black and white by a camera’s simple click.

The sound of the word “anonymous” ultimately became the starting point for an idea to explore and to turn into a creative atelier for a Maker Studio project.

In today’s world where everybody is under scrutiny, anonymous identity manifests itself everywhere as the counterpoint of fame and having a spot in the limelight.

Anonymity is a way to hack, ghost, disappear, voice, intrigue, denounce and protect.

To be invisible, mysterious, paranoiac, manipulative, powerful and unknown.

I conceived for the participants four creative steps to open up a reflection around the theme “anonymous” with the principle of a game where the creative works generated during the exercise would stay anonymous and each piece would ultimately become part of the whole.

The four steps were as follows:

Step 1 : Snapchat incognito
Step 2 : Blackmail haiku
Step 3 : Hidden identity selfie
Step 4 : Pen-name

The creative outcome of the one-hour-long Maker Studio project were four black boxes labeled “anonymous,” which contained:

10 vintage photographs ghosted
10 blackmail haiku collages
10 selfies creatively hidden
10 pen-name embossed tags

If you are a curious mind, try to discover the author by finding the link between these anonymous fragments of identity!

This summer at ThoughtMatter, we’re ending every week with a “Maker Studio Friday” activity. During each session, a different studio member leads us through a hands–on activity that results in each of us having made something with our hands and minds. The activities help us keep our minds open, and pushes us to create better and more innovative work for our clients.

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