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Art is a driving force for ideas, innovation and progress. To be an artist is to look at the world differently. It’s to juxtapose objects and ideas – past to present, present to future.

We cast aside conventional models of working, thinking and process. Because by embracing the simple truth that we all want to create, the results are boundless.

ThoughtMatter is a branding design studio with an artful perspective. We believe in using our skills and the power of design to elevate a message and drive awareness about issues we deeply care about.

About Us

where we

we believe

The world is bigger than ever and changing even faster.
Good design is an expectation.
Logic and instinct are best friends.

we value

Curiosity and Passion.
The idea and the artifact.
Purpose in everything we do.

we create

Relevance, clarity and beauty. Lasting identities and
compelling experiences.

Who We
Work With

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We use strategy and intuition to create branding solutions and experiences that bridge digital, environmental and print.

  • Discovery & Audits
  • Positioning
  • Architecture
  • Naming
  • Exploratory Workshops
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Identity
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Print & Collateral
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Packaging
  • Photography/Motion
  • Interaction
  • Information &
    Experience Architecture
  • User Experience Planning
  • Digital, Web, & Mobile
  • Physical Environments


Designed as a place to inspire active dialogue and collaboration, our studio is a creative hive where things are always buzzing and happening.

  • 212.994.8500

  • 27 West 24th Street, Suite #600 New York, New York 10010